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World's Only, Emergency Power System using Bi-Directional  Lithium-ion Self-rechargeable Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) With UL924 Certification  for 90 minutes of Operations During Power Outage.

Designed by P.E. for P.E. Perfect for Elevator emergency loads needing NEC and IBC code compliances without genset.

Emergency power systems are required per building and electrical codes to safely operate at least one designated passenger elevator for 90 minutes of up and downward trips as accessible means of egress especially for platform lifts where wheelchairs are allowed.  

Traditionally gensets are the most utilized configuration and design to accommodate code compliances however, with air quality control regulations, new electrification mandates, and the heavy maintenance requirements of gensets it's no longer the choice for AHJ, property owners, builders, and professional engineers.

MicroNOC's CEP technology provides the perfect solution as the alternative to genset without jeopardizing code compliance. Completely designed and configured by licensed professional engineer, certified, tested and approved UL and AHJs standards ensuring you code compliance while saving your project time and money. 


UL924 Tested & Certified

Meeting the 90-Minute Minimum

UL924 is Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment that uses less than 600volts to operate during during emergencies. The UL924 standards brings together several other codes and documents including:

  • NFPA 101: Life Safety Code

  • NEC 700 & 701

  • International Building Code (IBC)

  • International Fire Code (IFC)

CEP's UL924 certification ensures building owners, engineers, architects, builders, developers, and property facility managers CEP meets and exceed the high standards set forth by UL for compliance of all strict codes. 

Energy Storage System (ESS) Outlast Genset

Longer life span, faster ROI than Gensets

Lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) technology integrated with emergency power code designs provides owners a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than UPS systems and/or gensets. 

Lithium Battery ESS Technology

  • 10 years life span versus 3 years UPS lead acid

  • cycle life (in thousands) versus UPS lead acid (in hundreds)

  • lighter weight than UPS lead acid

  • smaller footprint than UPS lead acid

  • simple modular block addition than UPS lithium (no customization needed)

  • true bi-directional PCS versus modified bi-directional UPS lithium

  • proven, certified, and built into code compliances for battery and generator versus UPS lithium may require additional attestations 

  • No generator required versus UPS lithium may still need generator
    (less operation and maintenance costs)

  • one stop turn key solution versus UPS lithium multi-party reliance 

Download Product Brochure.

Click here to download

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